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GRST Fishing Information

Located in the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Region, the Gold Rush Snowmobile Trail (GRST) boasts generous opportunities for those who enjoy fishing. No matter your location along the GRST, you are bound to enjoy a wonderful day on the lake in any season. Please remember that fishing licences are mandatory for anglers in British Columbia. Additionally, anglers should refer to the British Columbia fishing rules and regulations prior to fishing as some lakes may have restrictions and/or bans.

Many lakes are located right along the GRST, however there are also numerous lakes located in the surrounding area. The GRST runs from Cunningham Lake in the south to Starlike Lake and the Horsefly River in the north. Lakes which are located closest to the GRST, large lakes, as well as lakes in the area with notable fishing are included in the following information.


The wonderful 70 Mile House area serves as the gateway to the Interlake Region which connects to beautiful British Columbia’s Fishing Highway. Begin your journey at Cunningham Lake near 70 Mile House and carry on to the Green Lake and Watch Lake areas for a spectacular fishing trip. After you’ve fished the Interlake Region, return to the Gold Rush Snowmobile Trail (GRST) for more fishing fun or carry on to Highway 24, the Fishing Highway.

With Rainbow Trout up to eight pounds, Valentine Lake offers a wonderful experience for all to enjoy. Valentine Lake is stocked with 10,000 rainbow trout annually. It is said that the fishing at Valentine Lake is best from May to early June and that green or darker coloured lures work best. Edmund Lake boasts entertainment for trolling, spincasting, and fly-fishing anglers alike. Fish up to nine pounds have been caught in this wonderful lake. This lake also offers a scenic view for anglers to enjoy while fishing. In the Cariboo, there are two lakes named Big Lake. Due to its muddy shoreline, there is no boat launch here. Big Lake is best fished using belly-boat or pontoon boat. Of course, we are most interested in the one along the GRST west of 100 Mile House (the other is located between Williams Lake and Likely). Anglers can try their luck fishing for rainbow trout, brook trout, lake trout, and kokanee. A variety of lures and fishing techniques will work in this lake.

Lac La Hache is a naturally populated lake best fished from May to October. The rainbow trout and kokanee in the lake average one and half pounds, but lake trout up to thirty pounds may be caught. It is said that trolling with a T50 flatfish is most effective for catching lake trout in Lac La Hache. Most importantly, access is simple with many boat launches located along the lake. Helena Lake is located near Lac La Hache and is stocked yearly with 25,000 rainbow trout. The rainbow trout in this lake average two pounds, but fish up to ten pounds have been taken. This lake is best suited for spincasting and fly-fishing. It is advised that ice fishing in Helena Lake is best early in the season.

Rail Lake is a stocked lake with a car-top put-in area and is home to rainbow trout up to three pounds. Any method of fishing works in Rail Lake. This lake is wonderful for beginners and children alike as they often do not have to wait long for a bite. Rumor has it that rainbow trout can be seen from shore in the shallows shortly after the ice melts. The next lake along the GRST is Spout Lake. It offers rainbow trout up to two pounds which can be caught using any angling method. Two Mile Lake boasts rainbow trout up to two pounds. All methods of angling work in Two Mile Lake, which offers a private boat launch. The fishing in this lake can be good during all summer months.

Starlike Lake is located south of Horsefly and has no available facilities. Rainbow trout up to two or three pounds have been reported in Starlike Lake. Any method of angling works in this lake. Ice fishing and fishing before May are not recommended at Starlike Lake. The Horsefly River is host to rainbow trout up to twelve pounds and bull trout up to ten pounds. Salmon fishing is closed in the Horsefly River, although you may be lucky enough to see some Sockeye, Chinook, and Coho salmon during the annual fall salmon run. First Nations people in the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Region both traditionally and at present fish for the river’s red gold. Salmon are one of the main sources of sustenance for First Nations groups in the area. Additionally, many people drift down the Horsefly River upon tubes during the late summer months.